Location: Tilburg University (Room to be announced).
Date: November 23 2001
Host: dr. H. Weigand (KUB)


Communication and coordination between systems becomes more and more a focus of attention besides the internal design of systems. One of the ways in which coordination can be specified is by means of "contracts". Contracts are used in real-life, for example, in commerce, but also in system design to structure agent societies or connect workflows from different organizations. This symposium brings together different perspectives on contracts and reports about on-going research on how contracts can be used in developing information and communication systems.

Preliminary Program

(titles mentioned are working titles only)
  • 10.00h coffee
  • 10.15h opening
  • 10.30h Henry Prakken (UU) Contracts from an AI Law perspective
  • 11.15h Yao-Hua Tan (VUA) Logical analysis of e-commerce contracts
  • 12.00h lunch
  • 13.00h Thijs Ott de Vries (Ordina/KUB) Contracts for interorganizational systems
  • 13.30h Virginia Dignum (Achmea/UU) Designing agents for Knowledge Management
  • 14.00h Jose Fiadeiro (Univ of Lisbon) Contracts and software evolution
  • 15.00h tea break
  • 15.15h Roel Wieringa (UT) A software engineering perspective on contracts
  • 16.00h closing


The symposium is sponsored by the SOBU L group and the research school SIKS.
Admission is free; lunch is free for SIKS Ph.D.-students, research fellows of SIKS and for members of SOBU L&I. For other participants the costs for lunch are f25,=. However, the number of participants is limited, hence it is necessary to register in advance. Applications to participate will be honoured in a first-come first-serve manner. The local organizer is Hans Weigand (, tel. 013-4662806).


Please register with mrs. Alice Kloosterhuis, email:, phone 013-4663020.
Please indicate whether you are a SIKS-Ph.D.-student, a research fellow of SIKS or a member of SOBU L&I, and whether you want to join with the lunch .