Masterclass "Security and Privacy in Cyberspace"

Date: Monday November 4 2002
Location: Free University, Amsterdam
Host: prof. dr. R.P. van de Riet (VU)

Provisionary Program

10:00-11:00: Prof. Reind van de Riet (VU):
Introduction on S&P in Cyberspace;
  • S&P and Workflow
  • alter ego's for keeping privacy in Cyberspace
11:00 -12:00: Prof. Martin Olivier (RAND Uinversity Johannesburg, Zuid Afrika):
Security in federated databases
  • schema integration,
  • addition of a federated 'layer',
  • policy mediators/'contract' enforcers, etc
14:00-15:00: Prof Ehud Gudes (Ben Gurion University, Ber Sheba, Israel):
Security techniques in the form of crypto systems:
  • Encryption, symmetric vs. public keys, RSA.
  • Digital signatures, Hash functions
  • The notion of certificates
  • Authentication protocols, including overview of the Kerberos protocol
15:00-16:00:Radu Serban (VU)
Fireballs and FBML, Overview of his Dissertation: "The Private Cyberspace: Modelling electronic environments inhabited by privacy-concerned agents"


All members of our research school (research fellows, associated members and Ph.D.-students) as well as the members of SIKS' Advisory Board are invited to join the SIKS-day 2002. Participation (lunch included) is free for all SIKS-members, but registration is required. Participants are kindly requested to fill in the registration form

Deadline for Registration: October 25 2002