Advanced Course: "XML: where databases and information retrieval meet"



On April 18 and 19 2005 the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) will organize an Advanced Course "XML: where databases and information retrieval meet" . The course takes two days, will be given in English and is part of the so called Advanced Components Stage of the Educational Program for SIKS-Ph.D. Students. Although the course is primarily intended for SIKS-Ph.D. Students, other participants are not excluded. However, their number of passes will be restricted and depends on the number of students taking the course. The course is given by experienced lecturers actively involved in the research areas related to the topics of the course.

Location: Conference hotel ISVW, Dodeweg 8, 3832 RD Leusden (near Utrecht) Tel. 033 – 465 07 00

Scientific Directors

  • Dr. ir. Djoerd Hiemstra (UT)
  • Dr. ir. Maurice van Keulen (UT)


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About the course

"XML: where databases and information retrieval meet"

This course focusses on the use of database and information retrieval techniques for managing large amounts of XML data. XML is *the* web standard for exchanging data on the world wide web. The standard comes with a number of tools that are available in database systems as well, like schema's (DTDs and XML schema) and query languages (XPath, XQuery), but some things are still missing like efficient storage, query processing and indexing of XML data. As XML is often used to markup textual data, XML data management systems need to support techniques from search engines as well, for instance full-text search and ranking of search results.

Some of the subjects addressed are: Mapping of XML data to relational systems; How do commercial database systems manage XML? The theory and expressive power of XML query languages; XML/semistructured information retrieval; Evaluation of XML retrieval systems.


For registration you are kindly requested to fill in the registration form

In the conference center there is a limited number of places and there is interest from other groups in the topic as well. Therefore, an early registration is required.

Deadline for registration for SIKS-Ph.D.-students: April 10 2005

After that date, applications to participate will be honoured in a first-come first-serve manner. Of course, applications to participate from other interested groups are welcome already. They will receive a notification whether they can participate as soon as possible.

Information for non-SIKS Ph.D.- students
SIKS needs a confirmation from your supervisor/office that they agree with the arrangement and paying conditions.