EIS 2006 First Dutch/Belgian Day on Enterprise Information Systems

On September, 8, 2006 SIKS organizes the First Dutch/Belgian day on Enterprise Information Systems in conference center Hoog-Brabant in Utrecht. The purpose of EIS 2006 is to bring together Dutch/Belgian junior and senior researchers interested in the advances and business applications of information systems - a broad field, including topics such as Management Information Systems, E-Business, IS Analysis and Design, Requirements Engineering, Business Innovation, Knowledge Management, Business Process Management, Product Software Development, Coordination and Communication, Collaborative Information Systems and many others.

EIS 2006 is organized by the Dutch Research School SIKS as a unique opportunity for research groups from both the Computer Science-side and the Management-side to meet and interact. EIS 2006 is intended to be the first in a yearly EIS-tradition as a way of reinforcing the Information Systems field - in terms of both scientific ambition and industrial relevance.

This first year, the theme of EIS is: “Information Systems - defining the field”. In the morning, EIS 2006 starts with an introductory talk of Hans Weigand (UvT, chairman EIS 2006). Then, Hans Akkermans (VU, Chairman Board of Governors SIKS), will present his view on Information Systems as a scientific discipline and its research methods. After a reaction from Monique Snoeck (KU Leuven) there will be a plenary discussion on this topic. In the afternoon session, a tour d'horizon of state-of-the-art EIS research is provided by presentations of Herman Balsters (RU Groningen), Erik Beulen (U Tilburg/Atos Origin), Slinger Jansen (UU), Ana Karla Alves De Medeiros (TUE), Aldo de Moor (VUB) and Harry Bouwman (TUD).

The day is chaired by Hans Weigand (UvT) and is open for all SIKS-researchers, but also for EIS practitioners or interested researchers from other fields. Entrance, including lunch, is free, but prior registration is required.

Provisionary Program


All members of our research school (research fellows, associated members and Ph.D.-students) are invited to join EIS 2006. Participation (lunch included) is free, registration is required. Participants are kindly requested to fill in the registration form