Basic courses: "Information & Organisation" and "Architectures for IKS "



From September 25 till September 29, 2006, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) organizes two basic courses: Information and Organisation) and Architectures for IKS. The location will be Landgoed Huize Bergen in Vught.
Both courses will be given in English and are part of the obligatory Basic Course Program for SIKS-Ph.D. students. Although these courses are primarily intended for SIKS-Ph.D. students, other participants are not excluded. However, their number of passes will be restricted and depends on the number of SIKS-Ph.D. students taking the course.

Scientific Directors

  • dr. H. Weigand (UvT), prof.dr. ir. P. Grefen (TUe) "Information and Organisation"
  • prof.dr.E. Proper (RUN) "Architectures for IKS"


Monday, September 25 2006
10.00-10.30 Getting together
10.30-12.00 Introduction (Hans Weigand, UvT)
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.00 Case
14.00-16.30 Mintzberg and organizational coordination (Ronald Batenburg, UU)

Tuesday, September 26 2006
09.00-12.00h IT, Strategy and Innovation Management and Innovation ( Ramon O.Callaghan, UvT)
12.00-13.30h Lunch
13.30-15.30h Business Process Management Article (Paul Grefen, TUE)
16.00-17.00h E-government (Han van der Zee, UvT)

Wednesday, September 27 2006
09.00-09.45 Economic approaches to organizations Case (Hans Weigand, UvT)
09.45-11.45 Interorganizational coordination (Yao-Hua Tan, VU)
11.45-12.00 Closing, evaluation (Hans Weigand, UvT)
12.00-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14.45 Need for architecture (Maarten Waage, Capgemini)
14.45-15.15 Break
15.15-17.15 Architecture ontology (Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, RUN)

Thursday, September 28 2006
09.00-11.00 Architectural Alignment (Pascal van Eck, UT)
11.00-11.30 Break
11.30-13.15 Business Modelling (Jaap Gordijn, VU)
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-15.15 ArchiMate: integration with Enterprise Architecture 1 (Henk Jonkers, Telematica Instituut)
15.15-15.30 Break 15.30-16.30 ArchiMate: integration with Enterprise Architecture 2 (Henk Jonkers, Telematica Instituut)

Friday, September 29 2006
09.45-11.45 Enterprise Engineering (Jan Dietz, TUD)
11.45-12.45 Lunch
12.45-14.45 Software Architecture (Hans van Vliet, VU)
14.45-15.00 Break
15.00-16.45 Service Oriented Architectures (Willem-Jan vd Heuvel, UvT)
16.45-17.00 Evaluation


In the conference center there is a limited number of places and there is interest from other groups in the topic as well. Therefore, an early registration is required.

Deadline for registration for SIKS-Ph.D.-students: September 1 2006

After that date, applications to participate will be honoured in a first-come first-serve manner. Of course, applications to participate from other interested groups are welcome already. They will receive a notification whether they can participate as soon as possible.

Information for non-SIKS Ph.D.- students
SIKS needs a confirmation from your supervisor/office that they agree with the arrangement and paying conditions.

For registration you are kindly requested to fill in the registration form

Cancellation regulation: If registration is cancelled before September 10 2006 the course fee may be refunded. After that date, no reimbursement is possible. For all questions regarding the content of the course and the educational program, please contact the manager of SIKS.