TENCompetence Winter School 2007

From January 22nd - 26th, 2007 the TENCompetence Winter School 2007 takes place in Innsbruck, Austria. The event is considered as an intense training and collaboration on the core topics related to the TENCompetence project, building the European Network for lifelong competence development. The programme includes lectures and hands-on sessions from leading experts in the field. Details on program and location can be found at http://www.tencompetence.org/node/88

As a result of the cooperation between SIKS and the TENCompetence organisation, SIKS-phd-students can participate without paying entrance fee. The summerschool is part of the advanced components stage of the school's educational program. However, there is a fixed number of places available for SIKS-phd-students at the summerschool.

Deadline for registration: December 8 2006

A free participation as a SIKS-phd-student is only possible by submitting your application to the local organiser milos.kravcik at ou.nl. The application should include a Curriculum Vitae and an abstract (approximately 2 pages) describing the studentĀ“s dissertation. Please, state your full name, affiliation and that you are a SIKS-phd-student.
Phd-students will receive a notification whether they can participate as soon as possible.

For all questions regarding SIKS and its educational program, please contact office@siks.nl