SIKS-day 2019 on Explainable and Responsible AI in Utrecht



On November 14 2019, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) organizes its annual SIKS-day. The location will be City Castle Oudaen in Utrecht. The main aim of the event is to give SIKS-members, participating in research groups all over the country, the opportunity to meet each other in an informal setting and to inform them about current developments and new activities and plans for the coming year. This year the entire event will be dedicated to a new and recent initiative related to Explainable and Responsible AI.

In politics, industry and science, much attention is paid today to the ethical and social aspects of AI, the risks of big data and the increasing power of incomprehensible algorithms, which are seemingly objective, "value free" and neutral, but which make radical decisions without human intervention, that may deeply influence people and their future. The call for Responsible / Explainable AI therefore sounds louder all the time. Many researchers who participate in SIKS are directly or indirectly involved in this issue, often in various ways and from different perspectives. Now it is a good time to map out these initiatives and to give the theme a substantial and more recognizable place in SIKS activities program. We also believe that in addition to more general, ethical considerations, an engineering perspective should come first. A key question will be: how can all this be technically realized with the help of current techniques and insights from the IKS field? We think that the SIKS-day would be a good starting point for this initiative, in which both senior staff members and PhD students can participate, present work and exchange ideas.


The final program is available now .

All members of our research school (research fellows, honorary members, associated members and Ph.D.-students) as well as our alumni are invited to participate.

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