Tutorial Program

The Tutorial Program comprises 9 tutorials: B0 takes three days, the other courses each take two days.

B0. Research methods and methodology for IKS

This tutorial is required for all students and will therefore be organized each year. It should cater for the complaint of many supervisors that students often lack an adequate methodological background for doing research. This course is not a "generic" research-methods course, but tackles methodological issues specifically in the context of computer science and information systems research. Course directors: Dr. H. Weigand (UvT), Prof. Dr. R.J. Wieringa (UT), Prof. dr. J.-J. Ch. Meyer (UU), Dr. R.J.C.M. Starmans (UU), Prof. Dr. J.M. Akkermans (VUA).

B1. Combinatory methods

Mix of classical symbolic and subsymbolic techniques: neural networks, constraint satisfaction problems, complexity of graph algorithms, intelligent search methods, game programming, heuristics in games. Course director: Dr. N. Roos (UM)

B2. Learning and reasoning

Mix of symbolic and subsymbolic techniques from an AI perspective by consistent application of the "learning and reasoning" metaphor: Probabilistic reasoning / Introduction Bayesian networks, introduction machine learning, reinforcement learning, learning and reasoning for information access, qualitative reasoning, argumentation systems, model based reasoning. Course directors: Dr. A. Ten Teije (VUA), Dr. G.A.W. Vreeswijk (UU)

B3. Agent technology

For the main part based on symbolic AI. Introduction multi-agent systems: agent logics, agent theories, agent architectures, agent programming, norms/ institutions/deontic logic, planning, coordination, conflict resolution in MAS, negotiation, mechanism design and auctions. Course directors: Prof.dr. J.-J.Ch. Meyer (UU), Prof.dr. C. Jonker (TUD), Prof.dr. C. Witteveen (TUD)

B4. Mathematical methods for IKS

Basic formalisms relevant to modern intelligent knowledge systems: Automatically acquired knowledge representations, Inductive learning, Bayesian statistics, Entropy and Information theory, Computer intensive techniques, Minimum Description Length Methods. Course directors: Prof. dr. T. Heskes (RUN), Prof. dr. E.O. Postma (UvT)

B5. System and architecture modeling

Information, function, and process modeling, Architecture for IKS, Intro to business-ICT alignment, Enterprise architecture, and Service-Oriented Computing. Course directors: Dr. W.-J. Van den Heuvel (UvT), Dr. P. van Eck (UT)

B6. Information retrieval

Capita selecta IR (formalisms, models), probabilistic models for IR, multi-media retrieval, empirical methods for IR, multi-media retrieval, XML retrieval, web mining en web retrieval, automatic query improvement. Course directors: Prof. dr. ir Th. Van der Weide (RUN)

B7. Interactive systems

Human computer interaction, Hypermedia, Adaptive hypermedia, Intelligent multimedia, Web-based information systems. Course directors: Prof. dr. P. de Bra (TU/e), Prof. dr. G. van der Veer (VUA/OU)

B8. Knowledge modeling

Ontologies, Epistemology and Models, Modeling with Description Logics, Methodology for Ontology engineering, KADS, OWL: Ontology Language for the Web, Ontology patterns, Re-use of information. Course directors: Dr. B. Bredeweg (UvA)