Mission and Research Foci


The mission of the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) is

  • to organise a high-quality four-year teaching program for our Ph.D. students, employed at the Universities in the Netherlands or at leading companies in information and communication technology (ICT), specifically the field of Information and Knowledge Systems (IKS);
  • to perform high-level fundamental and applied research iin the field of information and computing science, specifically in the field of information and knowledge systems;
  • to facilitate and stimulate co-operation and communication among our members (PhD students, research fellows, senior research fellows and associated members) and stakeholders interested in our research, such as other academic gremia or groups, leading companies in business and industry, research funding bodies, and governmental organisations.

    The focus areas of SIKS are

    1. Agent technology (focus director: Prof. Dr. J.-J. Ch. Meyer, UU)
    2. Computational Intelligence (focus director: Prof. Dr. E.O. Postma, UvT)
    3. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (focus director: Prof. Dr. F. Van Harmelen, VUA)
    4. Web-based information systems (focus director: Prof. Dr. G.-J. Houben, TUD)
    5. Enterprise Information Systems (focus director: Prof.dr. R.J. Wieringa, UT)
    6. Human computer interaction (focus director: Prof. Dr. V. Evers (UT)
    7. Datamanagement, storage and retrieval (focus director: Dr. D. Hiemstra, UT)